How to combine your passions: Jenny's story

Meet Jenny from Fife, Scotland. She's 23 and works as an agricultural union policy advisor. Part of our Bitesize world of work series.

"The best part of my job is talking to farmers and hearing their different stories."

  • Jenny grew up on a farm in Scotland. For her Highers she studied History, which led her into politics. She also studied Geography and Biology, which built on her knowledge of the land and livestock
  • She studied for a BA in History and Politics at university and during her studies worked part-time at a farm/holiday park
  • She now works as a policy manager for the National Farmers Union Scotland, supporting farmers who are members of the organisation
  • She believes there’s a lot of pressure on students to figure out their career paths very early in life, but knowing what you want to do takes trial and error.

What to expect if you want to be an agricultural policy advisor

A similar role to Jenny's is a trade union official. They represent, train and advise union members, carry out research and develop policy.

Closest role: Trade union official

  • Salary: £50,00 to £80,000 per year
  • Working hours: 33 to 35 hours per week
  • Entry requirements: You can get into this job through a university course, applying directly, or training with a professional body. You may be able to join a national head office as a research officer straight from university, if you've got a relevant degree or postgraduate qualification. Common subjects include Social Science, Politics, Economics or Law. You’ll usually need two to three A-levels (or equivalent) for a degree or a a degree in a relevant subject for postgraduate study.

Relevant paid or voluntary experience could give you a head start when you apply for work. Relevant experience could include advice work, student or local politics, mediation and negotiation jobs, and campaigning.

This information is a guide (sources: LMI for All, National Careers Service)

For careers advice in all parts of the UK visit: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales

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